Crock Pot Taco Meatloaf

2c crushed tortilla chips

1c (4oz) shredded cheddar cheese

1c salsa

2 eggs

1/4c ripe, sliced olives

1 envelope taco seasoning

2lbs lean ground beef

1/2c ketchup

1/4c packed brown sugar

2T Louisiana-style hot sauce

1) Cut four 20in x 3in strips of foil. Criss-cross the strips so they resemble the spokes of a wheel. Place the strips on the bottom and up the sides of a 3-qt crock pot. Coat the strips with cooking spray.

2) In a large bowl, combine the first six ingredients. Crumble beef over the mixture and mix well. Shape it into a round loaf. Put the meat loaf in the center of the strips. (I pressed it down to shape it to the edge of the pot.) Cook on low 3-4 hours or until no pink remains and a thermometer reads 160 degrees.

3) Combine the ketchup, brown sugar and hot sauce. Pour the sauce mix over the meat loaf during the last hour of cooking. Let it stand for 10 minutes before serving. Using the foil strips as handles, remove the meat loaf to a platter.

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